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27th-Apr-2006 08:23 pm - You want a play, right ?
To rework an often repeated axiom, all movies and no play make Jack a dull boy ( and Jacqueline frigid ;) -

anyway, http://www.spfnyc.com presents an alternative to the regular summer blahs ( so says their blurb ).

It promised to be a veritable treat featuring 15 brand new plays over 25 days. Please call 212-279-4040 for details. The spfnyc.com website might not work but you can always try ticket central or the phone number. This btw is the 3rd edition of this festival.

SPF = Summer Play Festival.

All the best. If you need any help getting tickets let me know. I'll try to help.
25th-Apr-2006 10:19 pm(no subject)
Hello folks,

It's been a while since i posted anything on this site. In my defense I'd like to point out that I haven't much to say at my own blog ( sufispam ) either if you discount one self adulatory post and one introductory post. aNYway, people dropping by are invited to say hello and make a request or twenty. All will be handled with zen.
12th-Apr-2006 03:26 pm - The candy store is here.

Yipeee.. the new york autoshow is starting this weekend. It promises to be glitzy and a lot of fun. The tickets are just for $14.

The show runs from April 14th to April 23 and is being held at the JJ convention center (that's 11th ave and 34th)

Go here for more info . The main attractions at these shows are always the concept cars.

P.S title comes from a recent Merc. ad that's been playing on TV.
7th-Apr-2006 04:45 pm - Jazz at the Rose Center
This might be a bit late for today. But do not despair. It's a recurring event. First Friday of every month near the American Museum of Natural History.

For more information :
It's Free by the way people !

Also, other events in april can be found here:

The American Museum of Natural History is a great place to visit. I personally prefer the Natural History Museum in London, but I think AMNH is a fantastic in it's own right. It's also one the reasons, why i so desperately wanted to live on the upper west side.

If you like techno as opposed to Jazz, you might like to check out Sonic Vision.
One more film festival -

And another movie that you might want to watch ( not that i have ) -

Guggenheim First Fridays -

The last one i've been to. I was there last year in the company of malluboy and his bitingly funny girlfriend who used to blog at http://mellowmeander.blogspot.com . I can't say i enjoyed myself. Its quite a chore trying to have any fun, getting naughty, doing ANYTHING at all in the glare of flourescent lights. If the folks organizing the First Friday party are reading this then they'd be better advised to mute the lighting, cramp up the dance floor and make the booze cheaper. People tend to prefer the darkness to get raunchy and many raunchy couples on the dance floor equal fun times for all :)
2nd-Apr-2006 04:26 pm(no subject)
Hi readers,

Here is a community 212-646-718 ( NYC area codes ) you might want to watch/join in case you're a New Yorker or are visiting this city over the next few weeks. I'll try to keep a reasonably updated list of events which are currently on or will be on in the near future.

My main areas of focus for this community will be the performing arts such as live music shows and film festivals. Please do point out events i may have missed.

2nd-Apr-2006 02:55 pm - its raining movies this spring
The Tribeca Film festival ( www.tribecafilmfestival.org/ )
The new directors/new films festival ( www.filmlinc.com/ndnf/ndnf.htm )
The complete Kieslowski ( http://filmlinc.com/wrt/showing/kieslowski.html )
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